WEST VIRGINIA GLASS CO. No. 204 (OMN) by West Virginia Glass Company (Martins Ferry-OH, Operated: 1893-1898), 1894
• AKA: Fern; Fern, Opalescent
NOTE: Made with Fern optic both with and without opalescence.
NOTE: Ref. Elson Glass and Successors, Sid Lethbridge.
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Shape: Sugars
Contributor: Jane Greenberg Nice

Shape: Butter, Cheese, & Honey Dishes
Contributor: Freda Gray Chickery

Shape: Creamers
Contributor: Freda Gray Chickery

Shape: Cruets
Contributor: Elaine Huddleston Henderson, Jasper Lee Castle

Shape: Pitcher
Contributor: Robert Nathan Korn, Jo Durrance

Shape: Syrups/Molasses Cans
Contributor: Jane Greenberg Nyce, Chris Kilpack Browning

Shape: Tumblers
Contributor: Carole Linxwiler Bruce, Robert Nathan Korn

Shape: Pitcher
Contributor: Jeffrey S. Evans Auction Co.

Shape: Toothpick/Match Holders
Contributor: Richard Ryan

Shape: Water/Lemonade Sets
Contributor: Robert Nathan Korn

Shape: Water/Lemonade Sets
Contributor: Carole Linxwiler Bruce

Shape: Shakers (salt, pepper, sugar)
Contributor: Carole Bruce

Shape: Mustard/Horseradish
Contributor: Carole Bruce

Shape: Assortments
Contributor: Carole Bruce