STIPPLED DART AND BALLS (AKA) by Tiffin Glass Company (Tiffin-OH, Operated: 1888-1890), c1890
NOTE: Ref: Early American Pattern Glass, Bk 1, by Metz, pg 182-183.
NOTE: Sid Lethbridge: appears in an 1889 wholesaler catalog
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Shape: Pitcher
Contributor: Winfred Huff

Shape: Butter, Cheese, & Honey Dishes
Contributor: Winfred Huff, Matthew Cox - 4H x 5.75D

Shape: Creamers
Contributor: Pamela Matthys, Winfred Huff

Shape: Catalog Cut/Ad/Comparison Charts
Contributor: Sid Lethbridge

Shape: Pitcher
Contributor: Walt Williams - 9.25H