CANCELLATION of EAPGS Annual Meeting May 6-9, 2021 in Carlisle, PA.

First, we are very grateful and extend our appreciation to John and Alice Ahlfeld, Nancy Smith, and others who have put in so much effort—two years in a row-- to make the arrangements for the meeting and the related social dinners. While we will not have the meeting in Carlisle this year, It may be possible to arrange a social gathering elsewhere at one of the glass sales and events usually held later in the year.

Second, this cancellation is supported by noting the following:

  • After receiving feedback from Trustees, we would not have a quorum to conduct business. While the availability of vaccines has led to a renewed sense of optimism most Board members felt it was too soon to have a public meeting requiring travel.
  • The CDC has recommended limiting non-essential travel and mixing in crowds.
  • Many of our members are in the high-risk group for this coronavirus pandemic and while many have been vaccinated so far, there is much we don’t know about the various mutations which could provoke one or more surges.
  • Some occupancy restrictions for restaurants and venues still exist in Pennsylvania,  are contingent on rates of infection, and difficult to predict. 

Third, the Bylaws-mandated annual meeting will take place as follows:

  1. Voting for the 2021-2022 Trustee candidates has begun using the online Election Runner (email) and also by paper ballot for those not using email. The EAPGS used the online voting system for last year’s Trustee election and for approval of the Bylaws this year; there was a much higher percentage of votes cast and therefore better representation of the membership when done this way.
  2. EAPGS business will be conducted by a Board of Trustees Special Meeting via Zoom. This will include the election of new officers and all other business coming before the Board.
  3. Committee reports should be emailed to me by March 30 and will be posted in the members area of our EAPGS website. Their acceptance into the record can be done at our Trustee Zoom meeting.

We hope this is the last time our Annual Meeting will be disrupted.  It’s a great disappointment but our members’ health and safety is paramount. 

Stay well,

Elizabeth Roach, President

A Carlisle Gathering:

With the cancellation of the EAPGS convention in May, those who are still planning to come to the Eastern National Antique Show on May 7th and 8th are invited to attend our customary gathering held in conjunction with the show.  It will be held at the Comfort Suites by the PA Turnpike on Friday evening, May 7th.  Plans are evolving, but will include a box supper from Marcellos, a Show and Tell lead by Nancy Smith, perhaps with a theme connected with glass collecting in the time of pandemic, and a game.  Due to the constraints of COVID regulations and being unsure of attendance, we are not planning a program as such, but have reserved the meeting room for the event.

The block of rooms for the period has been changed from the downtown Comfort Suites to the Turnpike facility, where there is better access and free parking.  The block is under the name “Early American Pattern Glass and is available for any combination of dates from Tuesday, May 4th through Saturday, May 8th.  The phone number for the hotel is (717) 706-3400 and select 0 when asked for the extension.  This connects you directly to the front desk, which will recognize the block if you give the Society name.  The cost is $89 per night.

An invitation with more details will be sent in the near future, as plans mature.  Those attending past Carlisle events will automatically receive this mailing.  If you wish to receive that information, email John and Alice Ahlfeld at or phone (717) 397-7313.