ADAMS No. 300 (OMN)
• AKA: Clear Ribbon
Adams & Company (1861-1891), Introduced: 1882
• Sid Lethbridge: Spillman notes...Adams No. 300 was mentioned in a January 1883 trade quote. Part of the quote is "In the salvers a flower is inserted in the base, or they may be had without, if desired". Spillman called the assignment tentative but time has proved her out. Clear Ribbon cake stands are known with a flower in the hollow stem of the standard as is mentioned in the trade quote. The flower is supported with a thin cork disc with two patent dates-Nov 15, 1881 (held by DC Ripley of Ripley & Co.) and July 25, 1882 (held by SG Vogely and Augustus A Adams of Adams & Co.). Thanks to...Catherine Thuro in Oil Lamps 3, we now know ...lamps..cake stands...stands with these flowers & discs are Adams's products. So Clear Ribbon can be attributed to Adams & Co.....No. 300 remain speculative