• AKA:
Unknown Maker, Introduced: c. 1880's
• NOTE: ref Libby Yalom "Shoes of Glass" p45 and 122: "Amber man’s shoe with a completely hollow sole and a row of large six-sided hobnails around the sole and heel. There are four lace holes on each side and a lace in the top two. The shoe is scarce and other known colors are crystal, blue. Vaseline, and opaque white with hand painted flowers. It has not been reproduced. 3 7/8” long, 2 1/8 “ high. c. 1880’s” This boot and the one in Ruth Webb Lee "Victorian Glass" plate 190 show a fabric and paper insert, conforming to the shape of the boot shaft and extending above it. It is a combination of fabric and some sort of thick paper material...fitting this boot perfectly. The center is stitched then the tie was added in the last two holes[of the insert]
• Motifs: (Figural)