• AKA:
Fostoria Glass Company (Fostoria-OH/Moundsville-WV, Operated: 1887-1986), Introduced: c1901
• NOTE: Sid Lethbridge - "..scan of an undated lamp catalogue but likely 1901 and there are dresser sets, opal shakers and molasses cans, etc. in there that do not appear in the general catalogues. … It appears that these shakers are Fostoria No. 1036.
NOTE: Carol Hibbard Powell - Lechner's World of Salt Shakers Second Edition, page 88. Pictured in opaque white opalware… Mold blown and pressed. "The shakers stands on three feet that have been formed by three large bulging leaves. The top of the shaker is encircled with embossed scrolling and the body contains two flowering rose bouquets. 3 1/8 inches tall, circa 1900-1907"
NOTE: Gary Schneider - "...shaker appears in the 1901 pricelist and catalog it was made in green, blue cold applied decorations on white opal...also made for CF Monroe.
• Motifs: (Flowers), (Leaves ), (Scrolls/Filigree )