• AKA:
Westmoreland Specialty Company (Grapeville-PA, Operated: 1889-1924), Introduced: C. 1896
• NOTE: The front of the mug has a bust of McKinley with his name MAJ. Wm. MCKINLEY underneath. Above the bust it says PROTECTION AND PLENTY. It was made only in clear. The opposing candidate, Wm J. Bryan, also had a covered mug." "3 1/4" x 3 1/2"

China, glass & lamps, Aug. 26, 1896 - "The Westmoreland Specialty Co., Grapeville, is busily engaged on a line of preserve jars and packers, and are making a line of McKinley and Bryan jars which are going off at great rate."
• Motifs: (Medallions/Shields), (People/Body Parts), (Letters/Numbers)