• AKA: Beaded Star and Mums; Grape Frieze; Iris; Ribbon Star and Bows; Shasta Daisy; Southern Gardens; Violet Bouquet
Northwood, H. Co. (1902-1924), Introduced: 1906
• NOTE: Roger Haworth: The Verre D'Or line came in five forms: A 10" footed bowl, the 8" plate (commonly with hand-worked edge…), a fairly flat jelly compote, a 6" plate, and a 6" nappy, which was just the plate with an added handle. There are at least eight different patterns, but I'm reasonably sure that not all pieces were made in every pattern. There are three colors…cobalt blue, amethyst, and a dark emerald green. A few of the pieces are known in ivory. All production was from the Wheeling factory and the 10" bowls are marked.

The following patterns in the Verre D’Or line are represented:
Grape Frieze; Beaded Star and Mums; Iris; Shasta Daisy, Violet Bouquet, Southern Gardens, Ribbon Star and Bows