PRISM (AKA) cpcd
• AKA:
Cape Cod Glass Works (Operated: 1858-1869), Introduced: 1855-1873
• NOTE: Linda Yoder: Source: Barlow & Kaiser, The Glass Industry in Sandwich, Vol 1, pg. 174, plate 1207.
They refer to most of the early patterns as 'Pressed" and bowls as 'nappies'. Their title for this is 'Pressed Prism Nappies on Foot'. Different sizes of nappies could be flat with no feet, be attached to a low foot or high foot as this one is.... it is flint….White opalescent that looks golden orange when back light by sunlight!…posted it photographed in a light box. Also in natural sunlight.

• Motifs: (Ribs/Columns)