SWAN (AKA) (unk)1
• AKA: Swan with Mesh
Unknown Maker, Introduced: 1883
• NOTE: Swan with Mesh (AKA), speculated Canton Glass Co., Canton Ohio, 1883
NOTE: Brad Gougeon: Other than the patent that was issued to David Barker while he worked at the Brilliant Glass Company in 1882 (and assigned to a different company) there is no evidence that Canton made this pattern. (In 1883 Barker helped form the Canton Glass Company). Unlike several early Canton patterns, it does not show up in any form in any wholesaler assortments of the day. There is nothing in the trade quotes or any advertisements to document it.. It is known in Canton colors…but other companies also made canary, old gold, green, and blue. ….until we can find a little more proof, I think that it should be "attributed".
• Motifs: (Medallions/Shields), (Bird/Fowl)