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Adams and Company - Pittsburgh PA
Aetna Glass and Manufacturing Company - Bellaire, OH
Alden Salt Caster Co. - Boston
American Glass Company - Boston MA
Anchor Hocking - Lancaster, Ohio
Atterbury and Company - Pittsburgh PA
Bakewell, Pears and Company - Pittsburgh PA
Bartlett-Collins - Oklahoma
Bastow Glass Company - Coudersport, PA
Beatty, A. J. and Sons - Steubenville, OH
Beatty-Brady Glass Company -
Beaumont Glass Company -
Beaver Falls Glass Company - Beaver Falls PA
Bellaire Goblet Company -
Belmont Glass Works. - Bellaire, OH
Bonita Glass Company - Cicero, IN
Boston and Sandwich Glass Company - Sandwich MA
Boston Silver Glass Company -
Brilliant Glass Company -
Bryce Brothers Glass Company - Pittsburgh PA
Bryce, Higbee and Company - Homestead PA
Bryce, Richards & Co - Pittsburgh
Bryce, Walker & Co. (Till 1882) - Pittsburgh PA
Buckeye Glass Company - Martins Ferry OH
Cambridge Glass Company - Cambridge OH
Campbell, Jones & Company - Pittsburgh PA
Canton Glass Company -
Cape Cod Glass Works Company - Sandwich, MA
Central Glass Company (Indiana) - Summitville, IN
Central Glass Company (WV) - Wheeling WV
Challinor, Taylor and Company - Tarentum, PA
Co-operative Flint Glass Company - Beaver Falls, PA
Columbia Glass Company - Findlay, OH
Consolidated Lamp and Glass Company -
Coudersport Glass - Coudersport PA
Crystal Glass Company (Ohio) - Bridgeport OH
Crystal Glass Company (Pa.) - Pittsburgh, Pa.
Curling, Robertson & Company - Pittsburgh, PA
Dalzell Bros & Gilmore Glass Co (Till 1888) - Wellsburg WV
Dalzell, Gilmore and Leighton Glass Co (Till 1899) - Findlay OH
Diamond-Dominion Glass Company - Canada
Dithridge and Co. -
Doyle and Company - Pittsburgh, PA
Dugan Glass Co. - Indiana, PA
Duncan and Miller - Washington PA
Duncan's Sons, George and Co. - Washington PA
Duncan, George and Sons - Pittsburgh, PA
Eagle Glass Company (Iowa) - Keota IA
Eagle Glass Company (WV) - Wellsburg WV
Elson Glass Company - Martins Ferry OH
Evansville Glass Company - Evansville IN
Excelsior Glass Co., Quebec -
Federal Glass Company - Columbus OH
Fenton Art Glass Company - Williamstown WV
Findlay Flint Glass Company - Findlay, OH
Fostoria Glass Company - Fostoria, Ohio
Fostoria Shade and Lamp Co. - Fostoria OH
Gillinder and Sons - Philadelphia PA, Greensburg PA
Greensburg Glass Company - Ohio then Pa.
Greensburg Glass Company Ltd. - Greensburg, Pa.
Greentown Glass see Indiana Tumbler & Goblet Co -
Hay & McCully - Pittsburgh PA
Hazel-Atlas - Washington, PA
Heisey, A. H. Glass Company - Newark OH
Hemingray Glass Company - Covington KY
Higbee, John B. Glass Company - Bridgeville PA
Hobbs Glass Co (1888-1891) - Wheeling WV
Hobbs, Brockunier & Co (Till 1888) - Wheeling WV
Huntington Glass Company - Huntington WV
Imperial Glass Company - Bellaire OH
Indiana Glass Company - Dunkirk IN
Indiana Tumbler & Goblet Co. (Greentown) - Greentown, IN
Iowa City Flint Glass Manufacturing Company - Iowa City IA
Jeanette Glass Co. - Jeannette, Pa.
Jefferson Glass Co. - Steubenville, OH
Jenkins, D. C. Glass Company -
Jones, Cavitt and Company - Pittsburgh PA
King, Son, and Company - Pittsburgh, PA
Kokomo Glass Manufacturing - Kokomo IN
Kopp Glass - Pittsburgh PA
LaBelle Glass Company - Bridgeport OH
Lancaster Glass Company - Lancaster OH
Libbey and Sons/Libbey Glass Company - Toledo OH
Liverpool Glass Manufacturing Co - East Liverpool OH
Lyon, James B & Co - Pittsburgh PA
McKee -
McKee and Brothers (Till 1899) - Pittsburgh PA
McKee Glass Company - Jeannette PA
Mikasa -
Millersburg Glass Company - Millersburg OH
Model Flint Glass Company -
Monongah Glass Co. -
Mosaic Glass Company - Fostoria OH
Mt. Washington Glass Works -
Multiple Makers -
National Glass Co. (Beatty-Brady Glass Works) - Dunkirk, Indiana
National Glass Co. (Canton Glass Works) - Canton, Ohio
National Glass Co. (Central Glass Works) - Summitville, IN.
National Glass Co. (Crystal Glass Works) - Bridgeport, Ohio
National Glass Co. (Cumberland Glass Works) -
National Glass Co. (Dalzell-Gilmore-Leighton Works) - Findlay, Ohio
National Glass Co. (Fairmount Glass Works) -
National Glass Co. (Greensburg Glass Works) - Greensburg, Pa.
National Glass Co. (Indiana Tumbler & Goblet Works) - Greentown, In.
National Glass Co. (Keystone Glass Works) -
National Glass Co. (McKee & Bros. Glass Works) - Jeannette, Pa.
National Glass Co. (Model Flint Glass Works) - Albany, In.
National Glass Co. (Northwood Glass Works) -
National Glass Co. (Ohio Flint Glass Works) -
National Glass Co. (Riverside Glass Works) -
National Glass Co. (Robinson Glass Works) -
National Glass Co. (Rochester Tumbler Works) -
National Glass Co. (Royal Glass Works) -
National Glass Co. (West Virginia Glass Works) -
National Glass Co., Bellaire -
National Glass Company - Pittsburgh PA
New Brighton Glass Company - New Brighton, Pennsylvania
New England Glass Company - Cambridge MA
New Martinsville Glass - New Martinsville WV
Nickel Plate Glass Co. - Fostoria, OH
Northwood Glass Co. (1888-1896) - Martins Ferry/Elwood City
Northwood, H. Co. (1902-1924) - Wheeling, WV
Northwood, The Co. (1896-1899) - Indiana, PA
Northwood/National/Dugan -
Nova Scotia Glass Company - Trenton, Nova Scotia
Novelty Glass Co. - Fostoria, Ohio
O'Hara Glass Company LTD - Pittsburgh PA
Ohio Flint Glass Company -
Paden City Glass Company - Paden City WV
Perfection Manufacturing Company - Washington PA
Phoenix Glass Company - Phillipsburg (Monaca) PA
Pittsburgh Lamp, Brass and Glass Company - Pittsburgh PA
Portland Glass Company - Portland Maine
Radium Glass Co. - Millersburg OH
Richards and Hartley -
Ripley and Company - Pittsburgh, PA
Riverside Glass Company 1904-1907 - Wellsburg WV
Riverside Glass Works - Wellsburg WV
Robinson Glass Company - Zanesville OH
Rochester Tumbler Company - Rochester, Pa.
Royal Glass Company - Marietta OH
Sandwich Cooperative Glass Co - Sandwich, MA
Smith, L. E. - Jeannette, Pa.
Specialty Glass Company - East Liverpool OH
Steimer Glass Company - Buckhannon WV
Sweeney, McCluney & Co - Wheeling WV
Tarentum Glass Company - Tarentum PA
Thompson Glass Company - Uniontown PA
Tiffin Glass Company - Tiffin OH
Tygart Valley Glass Co -
U.S. Glass Co. - Pittsburgh, PA
Uncertain Maker -
Union Glass Company - Somerville, Mass.
Union Stopper Company - Morgantown WV
Unknown Maker -
Valley Glass Company - Beaver Falls PA
Webb Patent Tile Company - Coudersport PA
West Virginia Glass & Manufacturing Co - Martins Ferry OH
West Virginia Glass Co (Till 1896) - Martins Ferry OH
Westmoreland Specialty Company - Grapeville PA
Windsor Glass Company - Pittsburgh, PA