McCORMICK REAPER (AKA) by Unknown Maker, Date unknown
• AKA: Picket; Reaper
NOTE: Stuart's Bread Plates and Platters. The plate with the reaper center is on page 115 - she calls it McCormick Reaper. Metz calls it Picket Platter or Reaper Bread Tray. Jenks-Luna lists this under Picket: "Plate, bread, oval, 8"x13" "Stuart's McCormick Reaper" center". There is a similar plate called aka: Mulberry with mulberries in the center oval.
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Shape: Plates - Platter
Contributor: Steven Kaul, Diane Dittman Hanson, - Bread Plate

Shape: Plates - Platter
Contributor: Linda Yoder, Gene Serbus - Bread Plate