BELMONT GLASS WORKS No. 666 (OMN) Oil Bottle-Shaker by Belmont Glass Works (Operated: 1866-1890), pre-1890
NOTE: Sid Lethbridge 2019 - This is Belmont No. 666. After Belmont closed, the mould for the cruet went to McKee who sold it as their No. 666. It appears in the c1893 McKee catalogue and later catalogues while this works was under the National.
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Shape: Cruets
Contributor: Patti Jackson Olsson 5T OS (Original Stopper)

Shape: Casters/Condiment Sets & Trays
Contributor: Julia Maupin

Shape: Cruets
Contributor: Julia Maupin - 2.25D x 5H

Shape: Shakers (salt, pepper, sugar)
Contributor: Julia Maupin - 1.5D x 2.75H

Shape: Catalog Cut/Comparison Charts
Contributor: Sid Lethbridge