Rocky Mountain Meeting
Oct. 14-15, 2016

The Mountain Region of our Society displayed EAPG in a large showcase strategically located at the entrance of the World Wide Antique and Vintage show. This was an attempt to introduce, instill appreciation of the beauty of EAPG and inspire attendees to acquire and even collect this type of glass. Von Ellyson displayed some of her Massachusetts and Kansas collections. Jane Wainwright displayed historical pieces and a beautiful, blue Colorado table set. Cathy Gunderson  showed an array of her Wildflower, Thousand Eye and Esther patterns. Cathy and Jane also displayed children and novelty pieces. Several show attendees and two dealers reported many people looking at our display.

Dolly Gray gave a historical presentation on a single piece of pattern glass that is very dear to her. This piece is a ruby-stained toothpick holder in the Button and Arches pattern. It is marked with her Grandfather's name and the date1907. Dolly stated he was 24 years old and single when he purchased the toothpick holder. The Jamestown 1907 Exposition was the 300th anniversary of the settlement of Jamestown, Virginia. The current site includes some of the original buildings and became one of the world's largest naval bases. Dolly stated that her Grandfather passed away before she was born but she always remembered seeing the  toothpick holder on her Grandmothers table. This piece is obviously an immensely important family heirloom.

Danny Trbovich gave a presentation on chocolate glass (Photo). While many items displayed came from Indiana Tumbler and Goblet Company, several of the  pieces were manufactured by other companies including Fenton, Northwood, and McKee. He stated that Jacob Rosenthal started working in the glass manufacturing business at the age of 11. He invented chocolate glass in late 1900 while at IT&GC. The formula was sold to the National Glass Company in 1902 and thus  production of chocolate glass was available to many other companies. Danny also explained how to distinguish the authentic Victorian pieces from reproduction  pieces of many of the patterns.

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Eastern Meeting and Seminar
Sept 23-24, 2016

This is the sixth year that the Eastern Region has met in Harrisonburg VA in conjunction with an EAPG seminar and auction conducted by Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates. Each year the seminar has explored pattern glass topics of interest to collectors along with an auction of one or more major collections. The first such seminar in 2010 focused on flint glass and glass photography, the second in 2011 on reproductions of EAPG, the third in 2012 on colors in glass, the fourth in 2013 on early catalogs and new research on glass and bottle factories, and the fifth in 2015 (after skipping 2014 to accommodate that year’s “mega meeting”) on EAPG tablewares and table sets. Each year Jeff and Beverley Evans have organized a group of engaging speakers and warmly welcomed enthusiastic collectors and dealers from across the country. In addition, Jeff has generously shared his deep knowledge of glass and access to his extraordinary personal collection of early glass.

Again this year, the seminar was sandwiched between two exciting auctions of EAPG—one of uncataloged lots and the other of approximately 1000 lots, expertly and carefully cataloged. Both auctions featured glass from major collections formed over many years in New England and the Midwest. This year’s seminar, titled “Drinking with EAGP,” explored the forms and manufacturing techniques used for the wide range of EAPG pitchers, decanters, and drinking vessels produced in the 19th century. Careful attention was also given to the interaction during that century between these forms of glass and the changing social setting.

Two lectures were presented by Jeff Evans—one on pitchers (“From which I Pour: The Evolution of Pitchers in American Glass”) and the other on tumblers and goblets (“Lip Service: A Survey of American Drinking Vessels”). He explored the various manufacturing methods—ranging from blowing (both free blowing and blowing into a mold) to the later pressing techniques—and also the various forms produced by each technique. He also explored the relationship between American production and the importation of similar European wares.

Bill Morrison presented a two-part lecture: “A Short History of Drinking in American and the Rise and Fall of the Bar Lip Decanter.” He noted that alcohol consumption compensated for the poor quality of drinking water and also played an important role in trade during the 19th century. Using examples from his extensive personal collection, he illustrated how glassware forms responded to changes in the fashionable drinks and to a rising standard of living. He explained that bar bottles replaced the barrels as ways of displaying liquor in taverns; later, as commercial distilleries replaced small local operations, bottled branded liquor replaced displays of bar-lip bottles.

Over 40 EAPGS members registered for this meeting including members from central and mountain regions as well as the eastern region. In addition to the auctions and seminar, they enjoyed social gatherings and refreshments surrounded by a members’ glass show and sale at the Harrisonburg Courtyard Marriott Hotel. Eastern Region meeting organizers look forward to a return to Harrisonburg and the Jeff Evans Auction for another meeting, seminar and auction in 2017.

EAPGS Annual Meeting 2016: People, Programs, Places, and Pattern Glass

The meeting was held in historic Carlisle, PA in conjunction with the Eastern National Antiques Show, an outstanding show of early American pattern glass. It was a time for attendees to meet other people, to hear programs, to purchase glass for their collections and a chance to visit new places.

First, let us discuss “people”. A huge thank you goes out to John and Alice Ahlfeld for organizing the meeting and handling the registrations.  Also, a thank you goes out to Mary Ann Brown, who did all of the name tags and table place cards. Mary Ann did all the calligraphy herself.

Also, no meeting is complete without attendees. This year over 80 people from across the United States and Canada attended. It was a time to meet old friends and make new friends. We got to meet many of our Facebook friends and have a real person-to-person conservation.

The meeting was attended by several authors and glass researchers. Sid Lethbridge (photo at right) offered a new book on Belmont Glass Co. A posting of a catalog cut by Peter Thomas on the EAPGS Facebook page resulted in this book being published. The book gives the history of the Belmont Glass Co. and patterns demonstrated by catalog illustrations and photos.

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Rocky Mountain Gathering
March 12, 2016

Fifteen EAPG collectors met on Saturday, March 12 at the World Wide Antique and Vintage Show. Cathy Gunderson was thanked for serving as a Society Trustee for the past six years. Frank and Audrey Blosser hosted the first meeting of the local group in 2002 and since that time Frank has been the leader of the group. Now is the time for others to donate time and talent to continue the great work Frank has accomplished with Audrey’s assistance. THANKS Frank.

Danny Trbovich has prepared a “want list” for members who wish to participate. Each person may list up to three items. He will distribute the list at each meeting. The list has already pro-duced a goblet in the York Herringbone pattern for Jane.

Danny’s presentation (photo at right) was on candy jars made primarily by Heisey Glass. The Heisey pattern of most interest to Danny is Recessed Panel. These jars were produced in 1/4 pound to 8 pounds sizes and often hand decorated with gilt and enamel. He exhibited three of these sizes. Fostoria, Westmoreland, and others made similar candy jars. The difference between compa-nies can be determined by the pattern and finials. Also, in his collection is a pair of bonbon jars about 13” tall, molded in opaque milk glass as a bust of the Czar and Czarina of Russia. These pieces were probably manufactured in either Russia or France.

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Central States Meeting
Oct. 9-10, 2015

The second week of October found EAPGS members from nine states heading north to beautiful Minnesota for the first Central States meeting to be held in that State. First on Thursday’s agenda was a stop in La Crescent, MN where Linda and Don Eppelheimer provided lunch and graciously opened their home for members to enjoy their extensive glass collection. Those visiting enjoyed the displays of U.S. Glass’s State patterns, Riverside and children’s glass, plus much more.

The meeting was held at the Hotel Minneapolis in downtown Minneapolis. First built as the Security Bank Building in 1907, the hotel retains much of its original interior flavor. Marble columns and floors, along with the original massive vaults, are contrasted with modern furnishings and seemed to suggest that we were in for a weekend of the unexpected.


Steven Skeims coordinates the groups discussion about
“Victorian Necessaries” assisted by Marilyn Curtis, left and
Shirley Rice-Hegg on his righte.

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Eastern Regional Meeting
September 23, 2015

The Eastern Regional Meeting opened Wednesday evening September 23 with a gathering of those in attendance, members selling glass and light snacks being served. Many hugs, hellos, and "great to see you" were exchanged.

Thursday was spent at the Jeffrey Evans and Associates Auction Gallery with the entire gallery filled with glass comprised of table lots and box lots for Thursday's auction. Display cases full of glass for Saturday's auction waited in the wings. The amount of glass in one room was mind boggling. In fact, the box lots residing on the gallery floor under the tables, were carried outside, and the auction continued in the driveway. There were over 3,500 pieces of glass.

The evening featured an open house at the restored Sites House, home of Jeff and Beverley Evans. Their collections of early glass, quilts, Christmas feather trees, picture frames, historic restoration, and the newly finished guest house were ample topics of the evening and a pleasure for all to enjoy.

Open House at the home of Jeffrey and Beverley Evans featuring
the new guest house.

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MEGA Glass Convention
July 9-11, 2015

The Mega Glass Convention and the EAPGS annual meeting were held at the Sheraton at Keystone Crossing in Indianapolis, IN on July 9 to 11 in conjunction with the Hoosier Antique Show at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. All together eight national clubs and one glass museum attended the meeting and are listed

Antique Glass Salt & Sugar Shaker Club
Early American Pattern Glass Society
National American Glass Club
National Duncan Glass Society
National Greentown Glass Association
National Milk Glass Collectors Society
Vaseline Glass Collectors Inc.
Wave Crest Collectors Club
Museum of American Glass, West Virginia

A total of 330 members of the groups attended the convention with EAPGS contributing 92 of the attendees. There was a great deal of interaction between the various groups because of the common interests in glass collecting. Each group had a display case set up in a display room showcasing some aspect of their  collections. The EAPGS display case had various colored glass patterns showcasing the versatility of the patterns and the collecting possibilities. The case was coordinated by Linda Eppelheimer with help from Rick Miller, Linda Yoder, Brad Gougeon and Frank Jackson. At the show EAPGS had a case showing a collection of Gillinder items coordinated by Nancy Smith.

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 $1000 Grant to Gloria Dobbs & Courtney Sloan for “Bread
& Butter Book” assistance

Twentieth Anniversary Celebration in New Bedford
April 2014

The celebration actually began as Early American Pattern Glass Society members travelled to New Bedford. Some went first to the Brimfield flea market for a day or more. Forty-five went to Glastonbury, CT to visit the home of Joe and Jean Greene and view their collection of more than three thousand EAPG goblets and the wonderful cabinets Joe designed and built for displaying the goblets. The goblets are arranged on each shelf in an upside down “v” or “w” pattern so the design on each goblet in visible. Yes, there is room for more goblets to be displayed but it is hard to think of patterns they don’t already own.

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Photo 1: The Saturday Night Anniversary Party including the cake in the right bottom corner of this picture. Member’s glass sales tables along three of the walls of the room.
Photo 2: Board of Directors, standing left to right: Lonnie Sulzberger, Sam Kissée, Linda Eppelheimer, Frank Jackson, Nancy Smith, John Ahlfeld. Sitting left to right: Linda Yoder and Cathy Gunderson. Absent when photo was taken: Brad Gougeon, Paul Kirk, Mary Millman and Laura Sharpnack.

2013 Annual Meeting Indiananapolis, Indiana
April 18-20, 2013

We arrived a little worse for wear after traveling through heavy rain all day. The cheerful smile of Mary Ann Brown (Photo 1) at the hospitality table brightened the day and was a warm welcome to the 19th Annual Meeting of the Society. Thanks to Mary Ann's expert calligraphy our name tags and place cards are always beautifully done and as a bonus Mary Ann is there to greet us.

As people arrived it was great fun to socialize, get acquainted, and renew friendships. During the evening some members had brought glass to sell at silent auction with the winning bidders paying the sellers directly. Members were encouraged to bid on these items throughout the evening. Also, we had a chance to preview the books which were being sold from the Society's reference library. There was a nice variety of extremely desirable reference books to check out for possible purchase. The Show and Tell and Pattern Identification led by Nancy Smith and assisted by Sam Kissée (Photo 2) was enjoyable and informative.

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Rocky Mountain EAPG Gathering
April 2013

The Rocky Mountain Early American Pattern Glass gathering got together Saturday, April 13th and had a great discussion on the "Tree of Life" pattern. There were enough pieces brought in from all the different manufacturers, that we were able to see how they all were different. Then we had our usual mystery pieces to identify. With the weather being so unpredictable our turn out was a little smaller this time, with about 10 attending.

Then on April 27-28, Jane Wainwright, Frank & Audrey Blosser set up a EAPG display table on Historical glass at the 39th annual Rocky mountain Depression Show in Castle Rock, CO. We had wonderful help from Danny & Bev Trobvich, explaining the dis-play and even identifying some pieces of pattern glass that were brought in by the folks attending the show. Cathy Gunderson, Gloria Macy, Jim & Monica Pope, Judy Knoshaug, Tom Cotter, Tina Broderman, and Amy Sprys all came by to see the display and give us some moral support. This year's theme generated more compliments and interest and questions than all the shows we had done before.

Contributed by Frank Blosser and Jane Wainwright