• Original and Modern Uses of Antique Pressed Glass

    Credit: Sean George

  • Original and Modern Uses of Antique Pressed Glass

    Credit: Sean George

  • Old Bethpage Bar Room, Assorted Pattern Glass Bitters Size Decanters

    Credit: Bill Morrison

  • Corning Glass Works, Corning, New York

    circa 1906

  • Unequivocal Vintage 1856 Glassware

    Credit: Maynard E. Steiner


This pattern identification program is a service provided by the Early American Pattern Glass Society to all MEMBERS of The EAPGS. For a concise description of pressed glass please refer to the Education Article A Brief History of Antique Pressed Glass.

Identification requests, photographs, any support material and replies are retained in an active archive and shared with the general membership of the Society.  Periodically the analysis may result in a new or unusual piece of glass information.  This information and the details of the original inquiry may be published in our quarterly publication the "NewsJournal".

So if you are already a member of EAPGS and need help identifying a piece of EAPG, login to the Member Area and feel free to submit a pattern id request by going to the Pattern ID Service Menu > Submit a Request. You may also view the published requests

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Jon Clark

Paul Kirk

Pattern Identification Team

The Trustees are indebted to Jon Clark for providing this service to the glass collecting community.  John is very qualified with many years of experience and knowledge but his most important tool is the extensive reference library of books that he possesses. 

Paul Kirk recently joined the Pattern ID team. He has been collecting and researching glassware for over 25 years. He currently enjoys writing and lecturing about many subjects pertaining to the Victorian era, especially how the styles and forms of EAPG fit into the context of the times in which it was produced. Paul also offers a glassware identification service and is a prolific musical composer of over 500 Celtic inspired dance tunes.